Sunday, August 22, 2010

What's Fly in Da Ham

Ok, I could not author an ALLTHINGSFLY'S blog and not mention the FLi Guy himself, Mr. Justin Guy.  Mr.Guy is being featured today because ,I myself like to acknowledge hard work when i see it.  Justin, or as most of u all might already know the "FLi Guy" is a promoter for the P.H. Lounge. The P.H. Lounge is conveniently located at 930 5th Avenue North  in downtown Birmingham, Alabama.  The FLi- Guy himself takes flight and conducts every Friday. The Fli-Guy he is proclaimed but one hell of a promoter is he. So,if u  are in need of any promoting ,he is your Guy. Though, I'm unsure about his fee or cover charge for promotion, I'm sure u can work something out with him.  Mr. Guy can be contacted via facebook Justin Guy. He can also be followed on Twitter@FLiFridays, or email him. Keep up the good work Mr. Guy.

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