Everybody has become familiar with youtube and all of it's content; but not everyone is familiar with the whole youtube for profit era.  There are thousand of people grossing six figures fom youtube. I decided to research this info shortly after a friend of mine ask how to go about posting a work out video on you tube. Here's what I found.

 We all know about YouTube, you can find videos and upload video of just about everything. But there is something many people don't know...and if you are big into posting videos on YouTube this is great news for you. Did you know that YouTube pays out money to people that have a lot of views on videos that they post. That's right! You can earn easy money online by posting videos on YouTube, and here are some simple steps on how to get started!

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Step 1

If you are new to YouTube and like the idea of posting great video to earn revenue with YouTube the first thing you need is a FREE YouTube account. Simply login to YouTube and sign up, they will ask for basic information including a user name and password.

Step 2

Once you have your account you need to become familiar with how to upload videos, title videos, and market your videos with relevant keywords, category selection and content. So if you have a nice for making a certain type of video and have lots of them to share this could end up being a great source of online income for you. Many of YouTube's most successful partners are young adults and youth. And they are earning big money!

Step 3

After you have uploaded a variety of video you can now go to YouTube's homepage and click on the link that says partnerships under programs. From here you can apply to become a partner, this is where some people get frustrated and confused. To become a partner with YouTube you must apply, once you apply YouTube will review your account. YouTube will look at your total number of videos, how often you submit videos and how many views your videos have received. All of these factors in to weather or not you approved for partnership. So I would suggest building up a nice "portfolio" of video that have success in views before you apply.

Step 4

Once your a partner YouTube then allows you to get commission off of ads that are seen by your videos. So lets say someone watches your YouTube video and noticed an ad to the side of your video. If they click on that ad YouTube shares earning from that ad click with there partners. For some people on YouTube this has generated a lot of money.

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