Friday, August 20, 2010

Does Monica have a New Boo? I Personally don't think So, tell me what u think.

Some people I tell ya.... is claiming that Monica is apparently a homewrecker, I for one think that this story is bogus. Mainly because, the guy is just so happen the guy who Monica has featured in her "Love all Over Me" video. Here is the story according to

August 20, 2010. was offering CONGRATULATIONS earlier this week, when we CONFIRMED that R&B singer Monica was dating NBA baller Shannon Brown of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Well we have to RETRACT that congratulations (Sorry Mo). According to one of EXTREMELY reliable sources, that's because Shannon ABRUPTLY DUMPED HIS BABYS MOMS when he met Monica.

And we're not talking about any ON-AGAIN-OFF-AGAIN babys moms. Shannon and his sons mother Sharde have been TOGETHER for 7 years, living together AS A FAMILY!!!

The insider explained to, "Everything was fine, they were even talking about getting married . . . they were one big happy family, and then Monica came along."

But MediaTakeOutcom's snitch added, "I don't COMPLETELY blame Monica for everything. But as a mom who just had her babys father (Rocko) CHEAT ON HER, she should understand."

Dang Mo, your our girl and all . . . but we can't CO-SIGN on this here. Plus, Sharde is an AVID MTO READER . . . and you know, we gotta STICK UP FOR OUR PEOPLES!!!

Editor's Update: And we hear RUMORS that Shannon may have actually been ENGAGED. Check out the below video, taken last year of Shannon and Sharde. Sharde is CLEARLY wearing rings on her LEFT RING FINGER


According to,
LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Monica is dating Shannon Brown (Lakers) claims multiple reports. Shannon Brown and Monica are reportedly dating after Brown took a spot in an upcoming music video for the hit maker.

In July, one reader wrote into a celebrity blog Necole Bitchie claiming she spotted Monica with the Lakers star together in Times Square New York.”They appeared to be into each other. Shannon was laughing and Monica was smiling. Shannon is cutie! But I mean they could be here on business!” Today another website claims the two are in fact dating.

In September, BET confirmed news that Monica would return with a new reality series MONICA on October 27. “Viewers will have the chance to experience the many faces of Monica as she balances family, deals with trials, triumphs and health challenges, records her fifth album, “STILL STANDING” and tackles the hardest job of all – being a full-time mother of two young sons. Even with all of the success in her entertainment career as a Grammy(R) Award-winning, multi-platinum recording artist and actress, Monica’s life has not been without its challenges. Yet, through the spiritual guidance of her parents, family and fiancee she withstood the storms of life and that same support keeps her standing today.”


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lets Get Ready to Rumble....

According to

August 17, 2010. just learned of a SHOCKING piece of information. According to a VERY WELL KNOWN and reliable music industry insider, rapper Nicki Minaj and R&B singer Keyshia Cole got into a PHYSICAL FIGHT three weeks ago inside of a Los Angeles recording studio.

According to's snitch, the two were supposed to be recording a song together when some words were exchanged - between Keyshia and one of the guys with Nicki.

The insider explained, "Someone said something out of line to Keyshia, and she wasn't going to stand for that. Then Nicki got involved and it was MAYHEM."'s snitch continued, "Keyshia was ready to fight and there was a lot of people in each others faces and pushing, but no punches were actually exchanged."

And when we asked the insider, who THEY believed backed down from the physical fight - the insider responded, "Definitely Nicki, Keyshia was ready to [get it POPPIN]."

That's our girl Keysh . . . don't let ANY MAN talk sideways . ..


Jay-Z ...can u say he needs toilet paper....He is still the Sh.......

Okay according to Jay-Z reigns supreme on Forbes magazine's latest edition of its "Hip-Hop Cash Kings" list, which ranks the estimated earnings of hip-hop's biggest stars over the past year. The rapper dwarfed his competition with $63 million earned over the last 12 months, according to the list released yesterday Aug 17,2010