Wednesday, July 21, 2010

4 Tips to Weight Loss

4 tips on how to lose ten pounds Whether you are starting your diet to lose ten pounds or you are trying to lose your last ten pounds, it is easy. If you are trying to lose your last ten pounds, I can show you how it is easier than you think. If you're interested, let me guide you through a few easy-to-follow tips:

1. Power of the Mind

This simply involves substituting the word try with the word will. Instead of thinking you are trying to lose your last ten pounds, believe you will lose them. With the power that you will have within you will push harder in your exercises and will pick the best choices in your diet, instead of easing up on your training and losing your concentration. Believe that your last ten pounds are the easiest part in your journey; see yourself and how you will look after losing those pounds, think of yourself as a fat burning warrior, and you will do it quickly.

2. Raise your metabolism

By increasing your metabolism, you’ll find it easy to lose your last ten pounds. You can do this through exercise and eating habits.


To lose ten pounds, either the last ten or your first ten as you start your weight loss program, eat five to six meals per day. In this way your body will work hard to digest each meal and turn it into simple nutrients for your body to use as energy and healing. The rest is burned as heat, and is called “thermogenics.” Consider that you’re eating three meals daily. To lose ten pounds you should spread all the day’s food out, dividing it into five or six meals. Eating more often with fewer intervals will increase your metabolism, keep you from starvation, and burning fats and help you lose the ten pounds. Try to eat every three hours; five meals per day for women are typical, for men six meals are better. Snacking between meals is considered a meal in itself, so snack on foods that will easily burn, not those that you blindly desire.

Your meal must contain proteins, starchy carbohydrates and fibrous carbohydrates. For the first three meals of the day they should contain lean protein, vegetables and a carbohydrate; meals four and five (for women) or four, five and six (for men) should contain protein and vegetables.

By following these points, your cravings for food will decrease, your hunger be eliminated, you’re your body will be fully aware of the diet situation. It will not be tricked by false starvation, and therefore will not store extra calories in form of fats. It will favor the fat burning process.


If you want to lose the last ten pounds, you should exercise a lot. First, you should do cardio like crazy; this is very important. So, if you have not started cardio yet, you should begin now. However, if you’re already doing cardio, double your cardio times; this will help you to lose the last ten pounds easily. You can increase your cardio to six times per week, and if you are already doing this, try including a second cardio session in the evening. Nevertheless, you should realize that, if you increase exercise, you should also increase calories intake, to give your body the food it requires. You will feel hungry if you do not give your body a suitable amount of calories. Your can increase your calorie intake by 10% to 15% and still lose weight, since an increase in exercise requires an increase in calories. You can use a protein source here, because an increase in the amount of protein will increase thermogenics for a same time, but does not increase blood sugar fluctuation.

You can use protein and cardio to lose your weight by making a second session of cardio for 400 to 700 additional calories you will burn, and you can increase protein by two to three ounces in your meal to balance this. Cardio will turn your body into a muscle burning machine, so it is critical to do strength and weight training exercises. Weight bearing exercises or bodybuilding helps you not only maintain muscle, but also build more fat-burning muscle, which helps you lose weight. You will look better, and realize a good shape with muscle, instead of fats. So, think of replacing those ten pounds of fat with muscle tissue.

3. Re-evaluate your diet

Now it is time to re-evaluate your diet behavior, in order to clean up your diet. Do you think the condiments, dairy products, and low-fat foods you consume are healthy, and that they will allow you to lose your ten pounds? If so, think again.

I will give you some tips to help you to clean up your diet:

■Look carefully at the ingredients listed on the food, and choose one with lower number of components. Go back to natural products; an apple is much healthier than a morning cereal.

■If you can, remove condiments from your food plan for a short period; try to eliminate ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing and soy sauce from your rice. Also, subtract nuts and seeds from your diet for a while, in order to have as plain diet as possible.

■To lose ten pounds you will have to watch what you are drinking, increase your water consumption and remove all other juice fluids and other non-nutritional beverages.

■Remove dairy products from your diet, for they contain a high amount of fat and may cause mucous and digestive problems for many. By doing this, you will remove much fat from your diet, which will help raise your energy and improve you sleep habits. Since dairy products are of some importance, you will have to remove them from meals for only a short period to help you to lose ten pounds. Some dieters feel worse when they add dairy products back into their diet; they feel worse and complain of having less energy and more stomach problems, so monitor how you feel after re-introducing dairy products, then decide.

By following these points, you will decrease hidden sugars and calories, improve your digestion, and not only lose ten pounds, but also experience better health and longevity.

4. Get up earlier

Getting up early helps you burn more calories, so that you can eat and burn the five or six meals required. For example, if you eat five meals in a day and one meal every three hours, you should start your day by 6 a.m. and finish with your last meal at 6 p.m. Men may have an additional meal at 9 p.m.

You can also do more exercises when you wake up early. Begin your day with cardio before your first meal; it will help you to burn fat, rather than blood sugar. Also, when you awaken early, you will have enough time later in the day for a second training period. Therefore, you can lose the last ten pounds if you spend more time awake.

You should think of losing the last ten pounds as an easy process. You’ll find this helpful, because, when you convince yourself that it’s easy, your mind will know that it’s easy, since it can’t differentiate between what you think is real and what is real. For this reason, you should know from your heart and mind that losing the last ten pounds is easy.

Thus, by cleaning up your diet, taking care of what you drink, waking up earlier and staying active, you will allow your body to shed ten pounds easily.

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