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Check out These Strange Diets

Losing over 50 pounds in 9 weeks is possible if you set your goals right and take action. Nothing is impossible for us human beings, right? But remember this golden rule: Just because you can does not mean you should! You want to get in shape, look hot and sexy, be a healthy role model. That’s your main weight loss goal in the first place. You are not preparing for a movie role, aiming for Oscar.

Before deciding what weight loss methods you’ll follow, make sure that it is going to produce a long last result. A balanced diet and moderate regular exercise may take time to get you the figure you wanted, but it will gently get you toned up, and keep the weight off for good. When you follow a crash diet plan which is paired with an extreme exercise routine, there appears to be a rapid weight loss, creating an illusion that the plan is working properly. At this point, no fat has been lost; what happened is that the body’s limited store of glycogen, a form of carbohydrate, is used up. As glycogen is utilized, the body loses water with it, so there appears to be a rapid weight loss.
Liquid diets are mainly for spesific health issues, not for weight loss. There are several liquid diet types and the classic one would tell you to have two meals a day with a shake or drink and the third should be a nutrient rich meal. Most liquid diets are very low in calories – like 1200 calories per day. Liquid diets attract people because these allow them have a sweet drink, also very little meal planning is involved and in the first few days, weight can be lost quickly. The main problem is these diets do not teach people healthy eating habits and do not provide a maintenance plan. Once you return to eating solid foods, weight is likely to return. In addition, these drinks do not contain phytochemicals, which have natural disease prevention properties and are found in foods.

Think about it – when making major dietary changes, you want to get the most out of your calories. Wouldn’t you rather fill up, rather than drink something and be hungry again soon after? Use liquids to pimp your diet plan, do not plan your diet around them (unless it’s recommended by a personal trainer or a medical advisor who monitors your system religiously


Dr. Sanford Siegal makes a weight-loss offer that sounds hard to refuse: the Cookie Diet, a pound-shedding program that he says has helped thousands of his patients drop an average of 15 pounds per month.
The key is a carefully crafted cookie recipe, which suppresses hunger, paired with very specific dinner menu, said Siegal of Siegal Medical Group in Miami.

"On this diet, you have one meal only: dinner," Siegal said. "The dinner consists of 6 ounces of chicken, turkey, fish or seafood."
Along with the lean meat choices, the diet allows one cup of vegetables with dinner. Red meats are discouraged because of their high fat content. The rest of the diet consists of exactly six hunger-suppressing cookies per day, which are baked in Siegal's own bakery in Miami and available only to patients in Siegal's clinics (five in Florida, and one in Montreal.)
The cookies are not for breakfast or for lunch, but rather for whenever the dieter is hungry, though they must eat six a day. The six cookies, plus the one dinner, adds up to 800 calories. Dieters should also consume eight glasses of liquid a day, which includes coffee and tea, Siegal says.
Too Few Calories?
Critics say the diet's requirement of 800 calories a day is too low, and that it lacks nutritional staples that give us the vitamins and minerals we need.
"It's really just another fad diet that will hook people in with the gimmick of being able to eat cookies all day," said Amy Campbell, a nutrition and diabetes educator at the Joslin Clinic in Boston. "While this sounds appealing, a closer look at the details reveals that this is not a nutritious eating plan at all."
The 800 calories a day is below that which is recommended for safe and effective weight loss, and the diet is woefully lacking in fruits and vegetables, as well as calcium, vitamin D4 and fiber, she said.
Siegal says that there have been no problems with the diet in terms of patient safety, and that it is supplemented with vitamins.
Unlike diet pills designed to suppress your appetite, the cookies do not have drugs in them, Siegal said. Instead, the cookies contain amino-acids in the form of hunger-suppressing proteins: oats, rice, whole wheat flour, bran.
"We've worked with this mixture over the years to the point it works quite well as an appetite suppressant," Siegal said. "And it enables someone to eat an 800-calories-a-day diet and not get hungry."


  • Start strong.
Working out in the morning is a great way to get you going—(AND get your exercise out of the way early). Make sure you follow it up with a good breakfast to keep that metabolism humming.
  • Get a buddy.

Working out with a friend is a great way to stick with a fitness routine. Meet each other for a run in the morning or take an aerobics class after work. Just make sure you partner up with a pal you can count on to push you and help you reach your goals. Need help finding someone? Go to Yahoo!® and search Special K to get connected to people in your area

  • Reward yourself.

    We all need some quality time to let our body and souls decompress. Tune out the world and make a date with you.
  • Do the worst first.

    Hate abs? Squats? Lunges? Do them FIRST. Starting your strength training session with the “worst of the worst” will help you finish strong. If you look forward to your favorite exercises at the END of the workout, it will encourage you to finish (AND get the tough stuff out of the way).
  • Mix it up. Every little bit counts! Missed your daily workout? Don’t worry, you can still fit something in. Watch one of your favorite TV shows and do strength training moves during the commercial breaks: lunges, squats, crunches—mix it up. Giving yourself mini, achievable health goals can go a loooong way.

  • Lift weights & your spirits. Studies show that even a little bit of exercise can affect the mood-controlling parts of your brain. Try a bicep curl by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Place your arms at your side and slowly bend your arm, bringing the weight up toward your face. Do 12 reps each and the next time you have a rough day remember to reach for a dumbbell instead of junk food

  • Change your scenery. Workouts getting a little boring? Trade the treadmill for some new terrain and explore a great path in your neighborhood. Tired of running? Go for a long hike or a swim. A new environment can breathe some fresh air into your routine.

  • Divide your plate. Divide your plate, conquer your weight. Fill half of your plate with veggies or salad (watch those fatty dressings!) One-quarter should be lean protein—fish, chicken or beef—grilled, baked or poached. And the last quarter should be starch—but watch the butter or oil. It’s easy to remember at home, or in a restaurant.

  • Drink your H2O. Feeling tired or hungry? You may just be thirsty. Make sure you get at least 6 glasses of water a day. Water helps your body transport nutrients and eliminate toxins. Get tired of all the agua? Add a cucumber or lemon slice to jazz it up!

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