Sunday, August 22, 2010

What's Fly in Da Ham? Photography

Ok, now it has been said that " a picture is worth a thousand words"; if that's the case then this Photogragher should be a millionaire.  Mr. D Jerome Smedley,the founder/ CEO if D. Jerome Smedley photography takes gorgeous pictures and has a neverending body of work. He also works with truknightvisions and can be found at the latest events in the Ham. U name it he has it ca[tured. Whether it be an over the top photoshoot or  just an everyday shot he takes what they call the money shot. If your in need of a good photo he is your man.  So, I decided I needed to give him his props today. Keep up the good work.  Here is some his work.

Mr. Smedley can be contacted via facebook or through several other webaddesses. Here's other contact info.

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